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Say goodbye to gum disease with Arestin™ – a targeted and effective antibiotic treatment that fights the bacteria causing gum disease.

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Lyn FranklinLyn Franklin
13:24 12 Sep 23
I have been coming here for years. The staff are friendly and Dr. James did great putting in my new crown.
18:24 11 Sep 23
Can't say enough good things about Wappingers Falls Dental Arts. Karen, Dr. James and the whole administrative staff make every visit a pleasant one. Highly recommended!
Nicole DawsonNicole Dawson
00:21 08 Sep 23
Mike ButlerMike Butler
20:09 06 Sep 23
Very good, professional staff. Highly recommend .
trevor devinetrevor devine
17:07 06 Sep 23
everybody is so nice clean my teeth real gentile and does a amazing job 10/10

Fight Gum Disease with Arestin™: Targeted and Effective Antibiotic Treatment

Maintaining optimal oral health requires more than just brushing and flossing your teeth. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are crucial for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. However, sometimes routine dental cleaning may not be enough, especially when it comes to treating gum disease. This is where Arestin™ comes in.

Arestin™ is an antibiotic treatment that helps to fight the bacteria that cause gum disease. It is a type of minocycline hydrochloride, which is applied directly to the gums in the form of a powder. Arestin™ is a targeted and localized treatment that provides powerful protection against the bacteria that cause gum disease.

The application of Arestin™ is a non-surgical and minimally invasive process that can be done in the dentist’s office during a regular cleaning. After your teeth are cleaned, your dentist will apply the Arestin™ powder to the pockets between your teeth and gums. The powder releases medication over time, providing a powerful defense against bacteria that cause gum disease. The treatment lasts for several weeks and is generally very effective.

There are many benefits to using Arestin™ to treat gum disease. The localized application of Arestin™ allows for targeted treatment, which means that only the affected areas are treated, minimizing the risk of side effects. Additionally, Arestin™ is easy to apply and does not require any recovery time, so you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. Finally, Arestin™ has been shown to be very effective at treating gum disease, which can help to prevent more serious dental problems down the road.

If you have gum disease, contact our offices today to see if Arestin™ might be right for you!

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