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ZOOM Teeth Whitening Poughkeepsie


As with any type of new technology, professional teeth whitening costs continue to become more affordable every day. Many dentists even offer reduced prices for professional teeth whitening services as a way of attracting new patients to their practice.

Affordable laser teeth whitening is available now, because just like anything, as new methods come out and more dentists get into the mix, the price goes down. There is a very wide price range for teeth whitening and results will vary. Currently, expect to pay between $350 and $1000. The amount of competitors in the market as well as the location of the market will also affect price.

In general, even affordable teeth whitening will begin with a gum cleaning and them move into a peroxide get treatment to actually whiten the teeth. This is then followed by a special light exposure to activate the process. This can make your teeth as much as ten shades brighter for very significant results. This is known by the brand zoom! and also Rembrandt. These are commonly found in cosmetic dentist offices around the world. In some instances, it may be necessary to treat these teeth first with a special medication if there are very deep stains.

Finding affordable laser whitening for sensitive teeth is also possible since costs and prices are always going down. There are ways to do this even in a single visit to your aesthetic dentist. This will eliminate the need for a bleaching gel and also get the results a lot faster.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening is one of the most effective teeth whitening treatments available today. Zoom Teeth Whitening uses a proprietary peroxide gel combined with an activating UV light to whiten teeth more effectively and in less time than ever before. The process is based on the fact that the peroxide gel, when activated by the light, is able to penetrate deep into the tooth to remove even the most stubborn stains.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure begins with an examination by our expert in Zoom Teeth Whitening in West Hollywood. The dentist will check for problems such as the buildup of tartar and plaque. These issues along with several other oral health problems could cause a patient’s teeth to whiten unevenly. Therefore, the dentist may recommend a thorough cleaning or other dental work before the Zoom treatment can proceed.

Zoom Teeth Whitening 

Once your smile is ready to be brightened, the Zoom Teeth Whitening gel will be applied. The peroxide-based gel begins to oxidize when it combines with the patient’s saliva and the UV light. The oxidation allows it to seep deep into the tooth enamel where the toughest stains live. The longer the gel remains on the teeth the whiter the smile will become. Our dentist uses this fact to whiten smiles to the exact shade the patient desires. The entire process only takes about 45 minutes and patients are often speechless when they see the results.

We believe that the entire treatment is comfortable and painless. Some patients report a slight tingling as the only side-effect but this sensation quickly goes away after their mouth is rinsed of the bleaching gel.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure should never be administered by anyone except a qualified dentist. When performed by our dentist , the Zoom procedure is incredibly safe and effective.

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There are now more options than ever for affordable bleaching. ZOOM teeth whitening is great for people who want to get this done in a hurry and still at a low price. This laser method is still cost effective even for people with sensitive teeth. That a big improvement over previous methods which were both costly, less effective and took longer.


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