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Root Canal Treatment Poughkeepsie


When the inner portion of a tooth becomes severely damaged from decay, it can often only be saved if a root canal treatment is performed by either and oral surgeon or experienced dentist. If the inner portion of the tooth, called the pulp, becomes infected with bacteria it can become very painful. This is because the pulp contains many nerve endings that lead directly to the central nerve in the jaw. Our expert in root canal treatment, either an oral surgeon or suggests this procedure as the best way to eliminate the pain and restore the tooth’s function.

In order to determine the proper course of action for a decayed tooth, an initial consultation will need to be scheduled with our dentist or endodontist to discuss root canal treatment expert. Smaller cavities may only require a filling but larger areas of decay might only be saved from extraction if a root canal is performed. Many times, the endodontist can perform the root canal at the same time as the initial consultation but sometimes a future appointment will need to be scheduled.


The procedure begins with local anesthesia, which will completely numb the area of the mouth where the root canal treatment will be performed. This will eliminate any pain the patient already feels as well as any that would otherwise be caused by the dental work.

Once the patient is comfortable, our oral surgeon or dentist will then drill out the cavity that has affected to the tooth’s structure to allow access to the inner area where the greater problem resides. The infected pulp in the root canal will then be removed with a dental tool used to reach all the way to the tip of the root. What is left over is a tooth that has no soft inner tissue but the skeletal structure will remain.  It will need to be protected, likely with a dental crown.

In order to protect the vulnerable tooth, strengthen it, and restore its function, a dental sealant will fill the inner area and then it will be covered with a crown made of strong dental-grade porcelain or other resin. The process is now complete with the pain eliminated and the tooth fully restored.

If you have one or more teeth that are badly decayed, contact our office. We are close to Poughkeepsie and we tell you  if a root canal is right for you.


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